Thursday, 14 October 2010

Go-Geo! for all things geo.

EDINA would like to take this opportunity to remind Digimap users that another of it’s JISC-funded services Go-Geo! ( can save time and effort when looking for geodata. Searches for data can be carried out against a number of catalogues held across government holdings, research data centres and data repositories. Increasingly Go-Geo! offers direct access to the data but if not, it offers the name and contact details of whom to contact to obtain the data. Go-Geo! also offers resource channels which can be browsed for up-to-date news and information on free software, online services, data providers, events and books. For those creating data as part of their studies there’s a wealth of information describing how best to document and describe geospatial data including access to geodoc, a tool for creating standards-compliant metadata. For all your geospatial data needs visit today.

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