Friday, 16 May 2008

Are you leaving your current institution?

Are you coming to the end of your course? Are you changing jobs and moving to a different University or College? Are you retiring? If so, there are some issues relating to the use of Digimap which you should be aware of.

IF YOU ARE GRADUATING, OR YOUR COURSE IS COMING TO AN END... will cease to be a member of a subscribing institution and therefore will no longer be a Digimap Authorised User. This means you must delete any data you hold from Digimap. You may keep paper maps (including those which form parts of reports, coursework and dissertations), but not digital data.

IF YOU ARE CHANGING JOBS OR MOVING TO A DIFFERENT COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY... need to check whether your new institution subscribes to any of the Digimap Collections. If your new institution is NOT a subscriber to a particular Collection, you may not retain any digital data from that Collection in your new job. If you wish to use Digimap in your new job, and your new institution is also a subscribing institution, you will need to register with Digimap using login credentials from your new institution.

IF YOU ARE LEAVING AN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION AND GOING TO WORK FOR A COMMERCIAL OR CHARITABLE ORGANISATION... will cease to be a Digimap Authorised User. This means you must delete any data you hold from Digimap. You may keep paper copies of maps (including those which form part of reports or dissertations), but not digital data.

There are some circumstances where you may continue to be an Authorised User, even if you are graduating, or leaving your current institution. If you are retiring, you may continue to have rights to access your institution's electronic resources. If you are graduating from your first degree and staying at the same institution to undertake a PhD, you will continue to be a member of your institution and therefore eligible for access to Digimap. If you believe you should continue to have access to your institution's resources, you should check with your Digimap site representative whether this applies to Digimap too.

The rules of eligibility apply to all Digimap Collections. These rules revolve around the definition of "Authorised User" as specified in the licence agreement for each Collection. You can find these on the EDINA website at:

Access to any electronic resource relies on subscribing institutions maintaining authentication and authorisation systems effectively and efficiently. An example of good practice in this regard would be deactivating local user accounts when students graduate or leave your institution. You may wish to check what your local practice is.

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