Friday, 18 April 2008


Following numerous discussions with members of the Digimap user community, we have decided to try a more up-to-date means of distributing information. We have started a blog!

The objective of this blog is to provide regular updates to Digimap users, relating to forthcoming service changes, service downtimes, changes to available data, frequently asked questions on how to do things and what's available. We also hope to bring you news of various events which might be of interest to Digimap users, and will also post here calls for asistance or feedback.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog, so that each new post is piped directly to you. You can do this by clicking on the "Atom" link at the bottom of this post and following the instructions. Alternatively, you can click on the Subscribe to RSS feed link on the right hand side of this page. Don't worry, this will not be the only place the information posted here is available. We will continue to post messages on the Digimap website ( and will continue to send email relating to important matters. We hope that this blog will be an easier way for some people to pick up information, rather than it being a replacement means of publishing information.

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